Basic Rings

Simple rings 1.6cm 1.8cm or 2cm diameter

Italian Misure 10/17/23/29

Rings in hand-forged aluminum, obtained from residues of bombs exploded on Laotian territory , in the area called " The Plain of Jars " The diameter are 1,6 / 1,8 or 2cm .

7,00 €

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Basic Square Rings

"Square Clollection" rings in aluminum, hand-forged, obtained from scraps of explosives on the Laotian territory, in the area called "La pian delle Giare". Price intended for each single ring

Available in four sizes with a diameter of: 1,6cm 1,8cm 2cm and 2,2cm 

Italian Misures 10/17/23/29

IMPORTANT: if the order includes more rings of the same size, please specify if you want more packages for each ring (eg. if you want to give to more people)

10,00 €

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Grooved Rings

Rings made of aluminum casting from the recycled bomb waste in Laos, hand-woven by local craftsmen in the village of Bhan Naphia.

Embellished with handmade decorations.

Diameter: 1,6cm, 1,8cm, 2cm, 2,2cm 

Italian Misure: 10/17/23/29

8,00 €

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