Basic Rings


Three simple rings 1.6cm 1.8cm or 2cm diameter

Italian Misure 10/17/23

3 rings in hand-forged aluminum, obtained from residues of bombs exploded on Laotian territory , in the area called " The Plain of Jars " The diameter are 1,6 / 1,8 or 2cm .

15,00 €

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Black Rings

One hand-forged aluminum ring, obtained from scraps of explosives on the Laotian territory, in the area called "The Plan of Jars". The imperfections of the rings are determined by the handwork that makes each piece unique. The black color is given by powder coating.

The diameter measurement is 1.8cm

Italian measures 17

We recommend wearing alone. Contact with other rings may result in color loss

8,00 €

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Grooved Rings


Three rings made of aluminum casting from the recycled bomb waste in Laos, hand-woven by local craftsmen in the village of Bhan Naphia.

Embellished with handmade decorations.

1,8cm and 2cm Diameter.

20,00 €

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