The No War Factory products will be present at Christmas 2019 in the Emergency stores in 14 Italian cities. The funds are allocated to Emergency projects in Iraq, where the association offers free and high quality care.
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The Canadian association “Adopt a Village in Laos” develops humanitarian projects in rural villages, mainly with regard to the distribution of ceramic filters treated with colloidal silver, which are indispensable for making the water in these areas potable. We collaborate with this association by devolving part of our turnover to buy and distribute the ceramic filters and bring drinking water to the villages.

Francesca Barbarani – Gioielli d’arte

Francesca has been collaborating to the No War factory project from the beginning, designing and manufacturing many of our jewels.

Sandra Oro

Sandra helps us to assemble some of our jewels.

Studio 7b

design and prototype design with 3d printers

Twin Sup

Twinsup is the first Italian company to design and create Sup Inflatable boards in step with new technologies, offering a unique product on the market, with a modern and fascinating design.


Leader in creativity and promotional activity.


Dario has designed the No War Factory t-shirts

IIOII forme di contenuti

Studio di grafica e comunicazione che cura per noi l’immagine e il sito internet.