Give Me a Hand T-Shirt
Give Me a Hand T-Shirt
Give Me a Hand T-Shirt
Give Me a Hand T-Shirt
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Give Me a Hand T-Shirt


    Basic Bangle T-shirt + Bracelet 6.5cm in diameter Free gift

    € 5 will be donated to the "Give Me a Hand" Association for their projects!

    The GIVE ME A HAND team is a fantastic team of people from all over the world using their printers 3D to create orthopedic prostheses which are then donated for free to children who have lost one or more limbs.

    In GIVE ME A HAND there are people who have put theirs aside political, religious, cultural and personal differences to unite and collaborate on ways to help improve 3D printable designs open source for hands and arms for those who have lost them due to wars, diseases or natural disasters.

    We practice in areas where the fronts of war have recently been dismantled or where unfortunately they still are present. Give me a hand invented the first module prosthesis in 2019, with integrated static and dynamic system. The revolution in the field of low-cost prostheses that will allow thousands of children to use of a functional prosthesis, allowing them to return to a life normal and families to be able to receive a modular "device" without having to incur any costs.

    Starting from 2020 Give me a Hand started collaborations with other research groups to make low-cost robotic prostheses.
    Our goal is the presentation of the first robotic prosthesis with cost of less than $ 2,000 by the end of 2021. You may think I'm a dreamer ... but I'm not the only one and if you catch me I'll take you by the hand to lend a hand to the world.

    T-shirt in 100% organic brushed ring-spun cotton, with a perfect fit and a very soft touch effect. Medium fit. Collar with thin edging, reinforced neck and shoulder seams, with soft edging. Side seams 140 g / m2.

    Graphics: Dario Frattaruolo