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Pink Square Ring
Pink Square Ring
  • SKU: PSR20

Pink Square Ring

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    The square symbolizes and delimits what by its nature would be formless and chaotic. the square shape of the bracelet with its angles all equal indicates the 4 cardinal points and the symmetry of its opposite sides makes it a perfect geometric figure.

    "Square Clollection" rings in hand-forged aluminum, obtained from the scraps of bombs exploded in Lao territory, in the area called "The plain of Jars".

    Copper pink color, processing by galvanization

    Price intended for each single ring
    Available in four sizes with a diameter of: 1.6cm 1.75cm 1.92cm
    Ring width about 5mm

    given the craftsmanship of the production, it is possible that there may be differences in diameter up to a maximum of 0.5mm

    ATTENTION: It is advisable not to pair them with other rings to avoid wear of the color