Su kwan is an indigenous ritual practiced in Southeast Asia, mainly in Thailand and Laos. The ceremony takes place on any day of the year, as it is intended to commemorate specific events in the life of an individual. The events can be multiple, any circumstance related to the human soul, such as births and marriages, but also to enter into monasticism, leave, return, start a new year, welcome or make offerings, recover from an illness, etc.. The crucial point of the ceremony is to invoke kwan: according to an ancient belief in Laos, the human being is the union of 32 spirits, the kwans, the spiritual essence of each individual. They watch over and protect the body that houses them. The ceremony therefore aims to recall the kwans to the body, to protect it and restore balance, bringing spirits together to the person. During the ceremony, a thread of silk or cotton is tied to the right wrist of the subject to be blessed and also around the wrists of all guests who gather to share this wish.