Vang Vieng is located in the center of Laos at 4 km from the sleepy capital Ventiane.
Once a quiet rural village, it has the ‘misfortune’ of being set within beautiful mountains of limestone origin, dug by caves, surrounded by forests and above all of being crossed by the Nam Song stream.

In the nineties Vang Vieng was one of the fixed and appreciated stops by backpackers from all over the world who, landing at Bkk, Bangkok-Suvarnabhumi International Airport, stayed for days along the course of the Mekong.
Today the Vang Vieng Tubing is sadly famous: you can rent a tractor air chamber doughnut to float on the Nam Song, descend and move comfortably wedged from one bar to another.

The view turns into an open-air disco, with 24-hour Techno music and coffeeshops disguised as ramshackle bars with alcohol at ridiculous prices, and there is nothing left of the little paradise of Vang Vieng, now known by the sad name of Partytown.