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Every year since 2010, Massimo Moriconi and his wife Serena Bacherotti from Viareggio spend several months in Southeast Asia. For 2 years they cooperated with the Rimini association "Una Goccia per il Mondo" („A drop for the world“) supporting their projects in Cambodia. They then moved to Laos and in 2014 they founded, together with Dr. Claudio Pardini, the international association "Ink for Charity". Partnering with the Canadian association "Adopt a Village in Laos", they focussed on the development of projects supporting rural villages mainly with the supply of drinking water through the distribution of ceramic filters treated with colloidal silver.

In 2017, 69 filters were distributed to the families of the village of Ban Naphia, in the area called "Plan of Jars". For years the craftsmen from this village have been producing bracelets and other commonly used tools by recycling aluminium deriving from war waste. This area is still sprinkled with war bombs due to the "secret war" carried out by the Americans during the conflict in Vietnam *. Hence the idea of creating the "No War Factory" line in Italy – Massimo and Serena purchase the material from laotian craftsmen, thus contributing to the economic development of Laos villages. Once imported to Italy, this material is processed and transformed into jewels (stones and silver are added) by the capable hands of the goldsmith Francesca Barbarani from Viareggio. 10% net profit deriving from the sale of these jewels is donated partly to the MAG association, supporting Laos demining, and partly to the "Ink for Charity" association for the purchase of filters.

* The craftsmen collect the bomb fragments and other war waste, in total safety, only after the zones have been reclaimed by the MAG demining association. For Laos visitors –  we do not recommend the purchase of this type of material at the night market of Luang Prabang as the exact origin is not known.


Francesca Barbarani





Francesca Barbarani was born and raised in Viareggio, a town in the north of Tuscany. Always a lover of art and passionate about applied arts, in 2000 she enrolled in the Florentine school "Le Arti Orafe", where she learned the metal-working techniques. An encounter with her teacher first, then friend, Giovanni Corvaya during a course on granulation in 2003 gave birth to a new way of working with precious materials. This resulted in a new way of thinking jewelry and a new approach to the precious metal - the jewel is transformed into a unique and unrepeatable art object. Francesca Barbarani loves to experiment materials and ancient metal-working techniques. Since 2006 she works with passion at her own creations in a small goldsmith workshop in Viareggio, in Via Fratti 151In 2017 Francesca met Massimo and Serena and fell in love with her idea of creating a jewelry line called „NO WAR FACTORY“ – since then, she has been cooperating on that project, with high engagement and passion, by re-shaping artifacts from Laos.