The collaboration with Emergency is renewed for this Christmas 2018. In 14 Italian cities
EMERGENCY transforms the frantic search for the perfect gift into the possibility of guaranteeing care for the victims of war. From November 24, the Christmas Spaces of EMERGENCY will reopen, where it will also be possible to buy some of the No War Factory jewels, made from the aluminum of anti-personnel mines, specially branded for Emergency.
The proceeds will go to EMERGENCY hospitals in Afghanistan and Iraq, where, despite the daily risks, the organization continues to offer free and high-quality medical services.
The first half of 2018 saw the highest number of civilian casualties in Afghanistan in the last decade, 5,122, while in Iraq the conflicts in the north of the country and in the neighboring territories have recently led to a re-emergence of tension.
Present in Afghanistan since 1999, EMERGENCY has treated almost 6 million people in the hospitals of Kabul and Lashkar Gah, in the maternity center of Anabah and in the first aid posts. In Iraq, on the other hand, EMERGENCY treated over 950,000 people in the refugee camps of Iraqi Kurdistan and in the Sulaimaniya Rehabilitation and Social Reintegration Center.
At this link you can find all the information relating to the cities and addresses where to find the EMERGENCY Christmas Spaces: