Collection: Solidarity bracelets: jewels with an ethical soul

The bracelets? One of the most loved jewels by women! They are able to give elegance and character to any outfit. Even before selecting the model, the decision to focus on solidarity bracelets represents a small gesture of great social impact. Nowarfactory offers solidarity bracelets made in Laos in the village of Ban Naphia by skilled local craftsmen who use aluminum from war ordnance dating back to the Vietnam War. The molten aluminum is poured into clay molds - the pieces thus obtained are then imported into Italy, where they are embellished and finalized, becoming real solidarity jewels. Collaboration with Laotian artisans allows us to contribute to reclamation, offer high quality products, and provide a job opportunity to the local community. In our e-commerce you can find rigid or adjustable handmade bracelets for women with writing, with cord, with colored, pink, fuchsia, black semi-precious stones. Each object is a unique piece, the result of sustainable production, made with recycled materials, depending on the availability of materials and the geopolitical context. By purchasing our jewels you contribute to the removal of unexploded ordnance, which is still a serious threat to the local population, especially children, who often mistake them for harmless objects. Come back to visit us on these pages – you will find offers on products in stock and new collections being designed by our designers.