Collection: Handmade recycled aluminum earrings

Are you looking for special handcrafted earrings? The No War Factory aluminum earrings are totally handmade, made from scraps of unexploded bombs collected in the ongoing demining campaigns in Laos. The metal obtained from war devices is melted and takes shape in the hands of skilled Laotian craftsmen. What strikes the eye is the uniqueness of the simple geometric shapes produced by clay molds using an ancient technique. The technique called "a stirrup", through the use of square, circle, leaf, heart and other various and original shapes. These bijoux are then enriched and perfected in Italy by our collaborators. Thanks to their creativity and passion, with the addition of stones and semi-precious stones of various colors, they become real solidarity jewels. They are handmade objects, each with its own small imperfections that make it unique.
Are you looking for biojoux solidarity jewelery to give as a gift or for yourself? No War Factory products offer you the opportunity to support important causes and at the same time show off a unique and trendy look. The earrings are designed for every occasion, from a casual look to the most elegant, almost defining a new classic style. They are a detail that can make the difference in an outfit, defining a person's character in a unique and decisive way. Square, round, hexagonal, geometric, heart-shaped, leaf-shaped, pendants... the pieces in our collection are little jewels with a timeless style. The aluminum from which they are made comes from war bombs and is a hypoallergenic, nickel-free and extremely light material. Features that allow for daily use, use for special events and a perfect gift idea for a friend, for your mother or for her.
Whether you are looking for earrings to give or to wear, the our biojoux jewels are the right choice. With a wide selection of colorful gold, pink, orange, yellow, blue and red earrings for women, you are sure to find what fits your personal style. And if you really want to surprise with a unique and unforgettable gift, opt for our set of earrings and necklace. The perfect choice for a special occasion or to add a touch of luxury to your look.
The leverback closure guarantees maximum safety and comfort during use, while the craftsmanship guarantees maximum quality and durability. They are extremely resistant, they can be both wet and washed without any consequences, on the contrary their use makes them more shiny and shiny. And if you're looking for the perfect gift idea for a friend or loved one, our biojoux earrings are the perfect solution.
Ethical jewels imbued with their history that become the symbol of the strength, determination and redemption of a people that has been among the most bombed in history with almost two tons of bombs in the span of a decade. Equipped with a unique and exclusive packaging, these earrings are sold with the clip or drop hooks in stainless steel. No War Factory, through the purchase of these jewels, informs its customers about the terrible consequences of the war in Vietnam, supports the livelihood of rural villages and finances demining agencies to recover and render harmless the Uxo, the unexploded ordnance from which they then get the jewels.