Collection: Necklaces

Women's and men's necklaces handmade by recycling war material. Timeless accessories, to be worn as a symbol of a whispered rather than exhibited feminine elegance.
Jewels to wear not only on special occasions, but every day, because every day is special. Jewels that celebrate the beauty and power of nature, to be worn from sunrise to sunset. Today women have rediscovered the pleasure of playing with jewels and combining colors and shapes, choosing them as jewels, symbols of important moments in life to be worn on every occasion, freely expressing the unique spirit that distinguishes them, in tune with their times . Elegant necklaces with enveloping and subtle geometries: circle or square, to be worn individually for a touch of light and color or combined with other products from our No War Factory line, in the name of mix & match. The necklaces are made of recycled aluminum from war ordnance scraps made by families of artisans from a remote area of Laos. They stand out for their essential design, in some cases flanked by the presence of semi-precious and colored stones. Embellished with hand-made engravings, they always express a profound meaning like Buddha necklaces or unalomes or mandalas to show off with casual or more refined clothing. We ensure that the material used is anti-allergic and the aluminum makes them light and easy to wear thanks to the stainless steel chains of various sizes with lobster clasp. There are many types of necklaces to choose from for a special gift. A long necklace can be a great choice for someone who loves bohemian or hippie style, while colorful and summery ones might be perfect for someone who loves the sea and summer. Charm necklaces are a versatile option because you can add different charms to create a personalized look. Crochet necklaces are an ethnic and unique option that can be appreciated by those who love art and crafts. When choosing a necklace as a gift, it's important to consider the style and personality of the person you're gifting it to, as well as the occasion. A necklace can be a meaningful gift for Mother's Day, an engagement, a friend's birthday or Christmas. Laos is the most bombed country in the world and still today the exploded mines cause victims and maimed. By purchasing these necklaces you will activate a chain, a circular economy that starts from the demining of the land up to the recycling of part of the materials to give life to unique models in the world which, through their sale, improve the economy of rural villages. We use scraps that represent hate and destruction and transform them into something useful, without ever forgetting the history they carry within them, transforming it into a message of peace.