Collection: Handcrafted rings made from unexploded bombs

Welcome to the category dedicated to aluminum rings. They are all artisanal and sustainable products, made exclusively by hand through the recycling of materials from unexploded ordnance of war dating back to the Vietnam War. These are high fashion jewelery rings of various thicknesses and shapes, such as square, circle and hexagon, as well as triple rings and thin rings. We also have black rings and gold tone rings that can go with any outfit. Our collection of handcrafted rings is characterized by imperfections that make it unique. Each ring has been crafted by hand, giving it an originality and charm all of its own. The small irregularities are the hallmark of a unique product made with passion by artisans who live in remote villages in Laos. We have hand engraved rings and laser engraved rings with minimalist designs and simple figures. The manual processing makes each ring original and special, just like our special men's rings. The choice of aluminum as the main material makes these rings light and easy to wear all day long. Furthermore, their price is cheap and accessible to all, without ever compromising on quality. Each ring is a unique piece, and due to their charm and uniqueness these products can be used as handcrafted engagement rings. Finally, thanks to their special story that unites the past and the present in a meaningful way, they tell a story of redemption. An unexploded bomb becomes raw material for a solidarity jewel thanks to local labour. Our range of aluminum rings includes colored rings, such as pink, fuchsia and black rings, all made with our exclusive artisan method. We also have handmade rings in various designs and sizes, which adapt perfectly to the needs of each person, without ever compromising on quality and originality.