Sons of mine was born to pursue and collaborate in sustainability and humanitarian aid projects in the southern hemisphere.

This non-profit association continues and completes the long path traced by its predecessor Ink for Charity to which Doctor Claudio Pardini, Alessandro Pardini, Doctor Maria Elena Mozzillo and Giovanni Guidi are added in 2019 as well as the partners of the company No War Factory SRL, Massimo Moriconi, Serena Bacherotti and Riccardo Biagioni. Focused in Southeast Asia and particularly in Laos, every year Sons of Mine through a fundraiser aims to pursue, also with other associations, public and private bodies and organizations both national and international, the construction of infrastructures and deals with distribution and procurement. drinking water for families in rural areas as well as supporting local and non-land demining associations.


In 2022, Sons Of Mine intends to have two irrigation wells installed in the Hmong village of Nakhampheang and to purchase and distribute 182 filters for water purification. The village is located in the Peak District of Xiengkhouang Province. The population amounts to 1084 people of which: 522 women, 562 men of which 728 children under 12 years. The members belonging to the association, every year, personally follow the development of the works in Laos both in person and remotely, documenting the various phases of the project through photos and videos and certifications. Dr. Mozzillo will also spend a month again to give her support as a doctor by visiting the villagers, organizing first aid courses and statistical surveys about the state of health before and after the installation of filters. Purpose of the donation Two irrigation wells and to deal with the purchase and distribution of 182 filters for water purification

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Il purificatore d'acqua in ceramica TerraClear (CWP) è un sistema di purificazione dell'acqua in ceramica a emissioni zero. Il prodotto è costituito da un elemento filtrante in ceramica a forma di vaso inserito in un recipiente di plastica con coperchio e rubinetto per proteggere l'acqua filtrata dalla ricontaminazione. La filtrazione ceramica è l'uso di ceramica porosa (argilla cotta) per filtrare microbi o altri contaminanti dall'acqua potabile. L'acqua grezza filtra attraverso l'elemento filtrante in ceramica per gravità a una velocità di post-produzione da 1,7 a 3,5 litri all'ora producendo acqua potabile.

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