Who we are

Our Production

Our jewels are born from the collaboration with skilled local artisans in Laos, who transform aluminum residues deriving from war ordnance from the Vietnam War period into works of art. Thanks to their expert work, through traditional aluminum casting techniques, these materials acquire a new life, transforming into valuable artefacts. Once they arrive in Italy, these primary works are perfected and enriched, giving life to one-of-a-kind jewels.

The place

The heart of our production beats in Ban Naphia, a village located a short distance from Phonsavan, the nerve center of the Xieng Khouang region. This area, the scene of devastating bombings during the Indochina War, is home to mysterious and ancient stone jars scattered across a vast plain, telling a story that has its roots in a distant and still not completely deciphered past.

Our Impact

We firmly believe in supporting and respecting the communities we work with. Through the purchase of the artefacts produced by the approximately 13 families residing in Ban Naphia, we promote local economic development, improving the living conditions of the community. Every year, we allocate a significant portion of our earnings to projects aimed at improving health conditions and safety in the region.

Who we are

We are Massimo Moriconi and Serena Bacherotti, two souls united by a passion for South-East Asia and a dream of solidarity and change. Since our first trip in 2010, we have formed deep bonds with local communities, contributing to several humanitarian projects. Our path led us to the birth of No War Factory, a project that combines art, history and solidarity, transforming the traces of a painful past into symbols of hope and beauty.

Materials and Certifications

Every piece we create carries with it a deep and meaningful story. We use materials coming from recovered and cleared ordnance, guaranteeing safety and quality through certified processes and detailed analyzes that certify the absence of harmful elements. Our jewels not only adhere to the highest European standards, but represent a tangible tribute to a story of rebirth and transformation.