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The original Mine Kafon Ball is a large wind-powered device, heavy enough to detonate land mines as it rolls across the ground. Massoud Hassani drew inspiration for the project from his childhood, growing up on the outskirts of Kabul, where he played in the minefields with homemade, wind-powered toys.

The Mine Kafon Ball is approximately the height and weight of an average man, which allows it to set off landmines as it rolls over them. The core is a 17kg iron casing, surrounded by dozens of low-cost bamboo legs; each covered with specially designed compliant plastic “feet” that can adapt to rough terrain. The ball costing only € 40 is equipped with a GPS unit that maps the route taken by the Mine Kafon Ball, allowing the data to be used by local communities and others.
The Mine Kafon Ball showed how design combined with simplicity, environment and artistry can educate and empower people by inspiring people to participate in an issue like landmines. Since then and on the basis of these principles, the company has expanded into a progressive research and development laboratory, seeking to unify innovation with the needs of the market.

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