Progetto Ban Poung Village

Ban Poung Village Project

In a remote corner of the world, about 40 km away from the Plain of Jars, lies the village of Ban Poung. A place characterized by logistical difficulties and poverty, where the conditions of the roads make it almost inaccessible. The community, which is expanding due to forced migration resulting from dam construction projects, is struggling to secure the basic necessities of life - one of which is access to clean, safe water.

The situation is as urgent as it is critical, as the lack of hygiene and drinking water has become one of the main causes of mortality, especially infant mortality, in the region. With an initial population of 25 families, the village is about to welcome another 20 families displaced by the construction of a new dam in the region.

At this crucial time, we have the opportunity to make a significant difference. We are trying to raise funds - a target of €1000 - which will allow us to provide 46 water purifying filters, a vital element for each family and for the village school. These filters, known as TerraClear water purifiers, represent tangible hope and a step towards a better life.

TerraClear: A Guardian Angel in Ceramic

The TerraClear Ceramic Water Purifier (CWP) is more than just a filter; it is a symbol of hope and a means to ensure a safer and healthier future. Operating through a vase-shaped ceramic filter element, each unit is capable of producing 1.7 to 3.5 liters of drinking water per hour, eliminating microbes and other contaminants with great efficiency. A sustainable, zero-emission solution that promises to protect communities from water recontamination by providing a constant flow of purified water.

Laos woman and children donating water purifiers

One Step Forward: Progress Updates

We are extremely grateful for the generosity we have already encountered in this campaign. With your help, we have already reached a significant milestone: the purchase of 45 TerraClear water purifiers! This means we are very close to our goal of providing every family and local school with safe, clean access to water.

For transparency and to share this moment of joy and success with you, we have made the purchase invoice available at this [link](insert link here). We invite you to view it as a testament to your direct and positive impact on the life of this community.

How You Can Contribute

Your generosity can bring a wave of positive change to this community in need. Every donation, regardless of its size, brings Ban Poung closer to a healthier and safer future. You can contribute through a free donation, using PayPal or by making a bank transfer to the following coordinates:

Owner : Sons of Mine
Bank : Credit Agricole
IBAN : IT93W0623024800000040467173

For PayPal donation click the button below.

For further details on the technical specifications of TerraClear water purifiers, please visit their website .

Join us in this noble cause and let's help the Ban Poung community build a brighter and safer tomorrow. Every drop counts, and together we can create an ocean of change.

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